Hi Stephen and Dehia,
I would like to thank you and your nurses for the compassionate and professional way you assisted Lois in her last months. Thanks to your team, she was able to stay independent until this last week, and have a wonderful exhibition of her quilts at the ++++++ Village.
She was doubtful that anyone could help her control her pain while maintaining her independence, and was considering utilizing the Aid in Dying law. Her experience with the first hospice company she tried was awful, and I am thankful that you were able to engage with her and gain her trust. Thanks to you, she decided that she did not need to follow the Aid in Dying option and was able to stay independent and alert until her last few days.
May she rest in Peace.
Many thanks to you all,

Brenda S

Thanks for the lovely card signed by you and others on your team. I have no words to fully express my gratitude to you and your staff for the way you eased my husband’s passage in his last weeks. You all were not only wonderful with him but so helpful, soothing, caring, kind—the list of qualities is endless—to me and our kids. It is so hard not to see my beloved husband every day but a relief to know his illness and emotional/physical pain is over.

A few weeks before he died I had submitted an article to a local free paper. The article was revised after his death and printed. I am sending you the link to the article. You and your staff may find it of interest because you are all so initmately involved with patients and their families in the last days, you might like to see this perspecitive of a lifetime.

Lynne G

Sacred Life Hospice is a caring, loving, intelligent, professional, locally, owned and operated, JCAHO Accredited Hospice Agency.

We are staffed with a Team of Hospice Professionals with many years of experience that help us to respect Life, and our Patients and Families with the Dignity and Respect they deserve.

We approach our care through the Integrated, Holistic Model, and see our patients as the fully realized Citizens of the world, that they are.

The entire team are Patient and Family Advocates and will help you navigate the often confusing waters of the 21st Century American Healthcare system.

Stephen M. Carmody
Community Liaison
Sacred Life Hospice

Stephen C. – Los Angeles, CA

I just love being a hospice field nurse for Sacred Life Hospice.  They give us the training and support necessary to provide the best possible care around!  Im super proud to be a part of this innovative and talented team of professionals!

Shannon C. – Granada Hills, CA

My family contracted with Sacred Life after being very disappointed with another Hospice provider. Needless to say, making this sort of change while dealing with the decline of our much loved mother was yet another stressful issue in an already stressful and sad situation.
Sacred Life made everything easier, even the switch over process. We were provided with a team of lovely,experienced caring people. Whatever and whenever we needed something, they were there. We took amazing comfort that our mother was being treated with respect and kindness and compassion. I would highly recommend Sacred Life Hospice and I thank them for helping us to get through this very difficult period in our lives.

Karen S. – Studio City, CA

I have been a hospice nurse for 12 years. To me, it’s a calling not  jiob. Im very critcal of hospice cars. It’s such an important part of health care. That being said, Ive worked for good hopices and not so good hodpices. Sacred Life Hospice i hand down, the best. It is still small, but growing. The staff are appreciated by management, which in turn causes each staff member to go out anf give 110{e2edced49b7f4360fe54aad090e835775ea25f4d367bac9b7ce9c41e09e8c59e}.
Each and every one of us work as a team and I am so proud to work here.

Laurie Phelps, RN
Admitting Nurse
Sacred Life Hospice

Laurie R. – Santa Clarita, CA


Thank you for the loving way you cared for our family during our dad’s final days. You were our first experience with hospice care, you brought peace and understanding to our family as we tried to comprehend what our dad was going through, and you brought compassion and dignity to a man who couldn’t bear a hospital system that made him feel ignored and unimportant. The elderly won’t always get better – it’s the natural progression of life, but they are good people who have worked hard, raised families, and made the world a better place. They deserve to be treated with respect when, at last, they need to be cared for and comforted.
Because our dad’s passing was an emotional time, and because I am bad with names, I’m unable to thank everyone at Sacred Life who touched our lives. Please tell everyone who spent time with “Patient” that their efforts are loved and appreciated beyond words. They all made our dad their #1 priority when they were with him. My Family is at peace knowing we gave my dad the best ed of life care possible. We are grateful to have each of you in our lives, even though it was for very long. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Carrol S. & Laura W.

Thank You!