Theresa Florence Bershatski, CHA

I am a mother of three boys who are my pride and joy along with a loving husband who has left his career to help my vision come to fruition. Back in 2011, Sacred Life Hospice became our baby and our passion from a very personal experience that I went through with a close family member. What was once a thought and idea to create a company that makes a profound difference to the very ill, is now a successful operation that has provided the wonderful gift of hospice to many individuals. I am indeed very proud of what Sacred Life Hospice brings to our community where hospice is a very difficult and often taboo topic. I wanted to open this conversation and create an organization with people that were passionate about hospice care and would go the extra mile to insure that our patients got what they needed with compassion, dignity and respect. We have essentially eliminated the red tape that can typically be seen in larger organizations, giving our patients, families, and facilities the quality of care that is deserved at such a critically important time.

Our very special and competent team of hospice disciplines are hired very selectively to have “hospice hearts.” They are a loving, caring, competent, and skilled group of individuals. We care for individuals with very serious illnesses and the hospice benefit that Sacred Life Hospice provides comes in many different shapes and forms. Our team will provide comfort for pain and discomfort to our treasured patients, really listen to them and allow family members to be heard. Our patients are deserving of dignity and respect as each and every life is sacred. This is our priority and Sacred Life Hospice goes above and beyond to make this happen.

As a Certified Hospice Administrator and President, my job covers many areas in the day to day operations. Ultimately, my goal is to oversee that things are running smoothly, administratively everything is in order, and all of our patients are receiving the very best care. I am part of the team and feel so grateful to being part of something so important and profound.

I am very proud of where we have come with the few years of our existence and am very excited for where we are going. So many individuals can use the gift of hospice that are not being exposed to it. It is my wish and goal that terminal patients, their families, and caregivers have the opportunity to experience the value of hospice. Our team will make all the difference to provide the necessary support and the will hold their hands throughout the process.

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